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Motion Code Generator
MotionSoft®: an intuitive state logic and icon-based motion sequence programming tool. Completely motion card independent, it eliminates the need to program in any control card native code and its associated language, dramatically reducing sequence development time. It was designed to be used to program many different motion control cards. The user, in turn, does not need to know the programming language syntax for each card s/he programs.

What MotionSoft isn't...
MotionSoft is not a glorified text editor where you are still required to know all the details and syntax specific to each controller. This is exactly what we are trying to eliminate. MotionSoft greatly reduces the amount of knowledge the user needs to know in order to program a motion controller. MotionSoft does for motion programming what Visual Basic did for Windows programming.

(Visual Basic and Windows are Registered Trademarks of Microsoft Corporation)

The Changing World of Factory Automation
Factory automation has changed dramatically in the last few years, Today, unfortunately, motion control card manufacturers have designed their products to be programmed in their own unique, cryptic programming language with very few support tools.

Distributor Contacts
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For more information contact:

Baker Motion Control

Systems, Inc.

860A Waterman Ave. Unit #3

East Providence, R.I. 02914

Tel: (401) 435-3100

Fax: (401) 435-1120

Introducing the Standard of Tomorrow - Common Configuration for Many Motion Control Cards
Baker Motion Control Systems, Inc. has developed MotionSoft for easy motion control configuration. Completely controller independent, this software tool offers a series of easy-to-fill-in forms that allow you to define your requirements. It is difficult to imagine that complex motion control sequences can be accomplished with a simple software tool. Yet most motion sequences have been done many times before and are, therefore, very well understood. MotionSoft offers numerous pre-programmed motion applications and the developer needs only to set variables specific to their application.

It's as Easy as Fill-In-The-Blanks!
MotionSoft is a modular system that provides a single development environment for any of your motion card platforms. The software guides you through an application by prompts:

  • Identify the tag names.
  • Specify the parameters for each axis.
  • Using your machine sequence, develop a state diagram.

MotionSoft also provides tools for sequence control, motion profiles, pre-programmed I/O integrated with motion tasks and timing diagrams. A Runtime module assists in monitoring, diagnostics and de-bugging after your machine is in operation.

The End Result...
In summary, MotionSoft provides a rapid machine sequence development environment. Machine sequence programming becomes a manageable, repeatable process where the developer's understanding of the machine sequence is the primary skill required. The graphic displays allow the user instant comprehension of the task or state, and support consistent, tested approaches amongst different engineers. Most importantly, motion program development times can be reduced significantly improving the overall machine development cycle.

Introducing Baker Motion Control Systems
Experienced in both software and machine automation techniques, Baker Motion understands the complexities and uniqueness of the motion field. It is this knowledge of the industry that has convinced Baker Motion that state-of-the-art software solutions are absolutely essential to complete the set of open-architecture software tools already available in the other machine control disciplines (e.g. HMI, SoftLogic & I/O, vision, etc.). The motion software standards provided by MotionSoft will allow companies to easily transition from custom hardware platforms.

Incorporated in Rhode Island in 1989, Baker Motion is the first motion software company dedicated to providing software solutions across hardware platforms. We are working closely with hardware manufacturers to provide solutions that will address the specific characteristics of each ISA or serial compatible motion control card.


  • Multiple Motion Controllers Supported
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000 compatible
  • Includes pre-programmed I/O which easily integrates with motion tasks
  • On-line and context sensitive help
  • Axis and Tag Name definition files
  • Integrated sequence de-bugging tool ("Real Time Trace" program)
  • Uses intuitive State Diagram methodology
  • Standardizes programming approach and documentation between engineers


  • A single, common programming language for multiple motion control cards
  • Fill-in-the-blanks style forms make it easy to use
  • I/O and motion tasks integrated easily and error free. Eliminates integration problems associated with multiple platforms (e.g. separate I/O and motion systems)
  • Formatted reports standardize engineering documentation
  • Requires minimal or no motion programming skills
  • Monitoring and de-bugging features reduce diagnostic and down time

Translator List

Currently Available:

  • Delta Tau PMAC1,* PMAC2,* Mini-PMAC1*
  • Galil DMC1500
  • Yaskawa SMC2000

Future Candidates:

  • Oregon Micro Systems PC48
  • Performance Motion Control
  • Motion Engineering (MEI)
  • Allen-Bradley (Rockwell)
  • Kollmorgen
  • Compumotor
  • Tech 80
  • Advanced Micro Systems
  • Nulogic (National Instrument)
  • Acroloop
  • Western Servo Design

All Trademarks and Registration Trademarks are owned by their respective manufacturers.

System Requirements


  • Windows 95/98/XP/NT


  • Pentium Class PC
  • 16MB RAM (32MB reccomended)

Machine motor and axis setup window.
Easily navigate through fields entering
motor, axis and machine specific

A collection of states describes a
machine sequence. State diagrams are
constructed easily within this window.

State definition window. Use this screen
to define the actions to take place within a
state and transition logic for each of the states
in the state diagram.


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