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Updated: 03.22.07

Upgrading MotionSoft's Trace
December 2006 

(c) Copyright Baker Motion Control Systems Inc. 2006-2007


First, create a temporary folder on your computer in which to unzip this
patch. Place the downloaded MSTP1000012.exe file in the temporary folder and then double click it. It will self-extract the following 2 files:


The first of these files is located on your computer. You must locate
and replace it. If you allowed the MotionSoft install to install all 
files to the default location, then the file will be located in the 
following directory:

C:\Program Files\MotionSoft\Editor (This is not a typo)

If you chose a custom directory in which to install MotionSoft or do not
know where you installed the program, you will have to locate these files.
You can do this via the "Start" -> "Find" -> "Files or Folders" utility 
and search for MSTrace.exe. Once you have located the directory where the file is, Copy the new MSTrace.exe file from the temporary directory to
this directory.


If you need technical help with MotionSoft, you may phone us at 401-435-3100 : 8am to 5pm E.S.T.  You may also e-mail your request for help to:


Thank you for your help in improving this product,
The MotionSoft group

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