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Updated: 03.22.07

Release 2 adds many new features and functions to the original version of MotionSoft as well as two new translators.  Some of the highlights are listed below



  • Time Base Camming is now supported.**
  • Cam Tables are now implemented.**
  • Separate Acceleration and Deceleration can be programmed for a given move
  • Jog to Position (Inc or Abs)
  • Nearly all fields support tag names for on-the-fly modification
  • Rt. clicking on a transition will show the transition logic instantly
  • Projects can be translated and traced from the Editor's environment


  • Multiple diagrams can be traced simultaneously
  • Motor Status windows are implemented
  • MotionSoft status window [shows E stopped, manual, auto, C-stopped, paused]
  • Position, Velocity and Fatal Following Error windows (all are in project eng. units)
  • Tag Name based watch window (no more P's, or M's to memorize)
  • Tag Name based "Set Variable" window
  • Step Function shows overshoot, ringing and dampening to aid in servo tuning
  • Terminal window (No longer in Translator)
  • Quick toolbar access to all functions 

Delta Tau

  • New translator engine reduces overall code by about 20%

There are two new translators to add to the family:

  • The GALIL  DMC1500
  • The YASKAWA  SMC2000

**Camming is only supported by the Delta Tau controller